Hangzhou Blackbox 3D Technology Co., Ltd
1.White-light scanning
Utilize white-light technology, with higher accuracy than laser and infrared scanning. A single scan can be accurate up to 0.1mm.
2.Top-speed scanning
Automatic scanning mode, taking only 2min for a scan, ranking top in terms of speed among the same type of turntable scanner.
3.Industrial lens
Equipped with 3 million pixel high-resolution industrial camera, with scanning fidelity better than 1.3/2 million pixels.
4.Color fidelity
Advanced camera with 24-bit true color, capturing colors of an object more accurately than black and white camera.
5.Easy to use
Non-professionals can get started with only ten minutes of training. Simplified operation allows easy scan of an item.
6.One-touch scanning
It has automatic scanning and intelligent splicing, and processes scanning without human intervention, enabling data output with one touch.
7.Safe illumination
Adopted LED cold illumination, harmless to human eyes and safer for student to use compared to laser scanning.
8.Seamless joint
Scanned stl data can be directly input to 3d printer for printing without editing.


Hangzhou Blackbox 3D Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Zhejiang China
TEL: +86-571-88611695
Email: fan@yunzuqun.com

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