Hangzhou Blackbox 3D Technology Co., Ltd
School Education
Technology is changing the way people learn in the classroom. Teachers are harnessing the power of computers, software, and programs to create an interactive space for students.

Jewelers are starting to use 3D printing and 3D scanning to build casts in order to create amazing jewels.

3D scanners are very versatile and can be used in many different ways in healthcare, from studies to making prosthetics or studying a person’s posture.

Dentists and dental labs are using 3D printing to build and create various dental appliances.

Architects can use 3D scanning to capture an area, building or habitation and present it in a more efficient way to their clients. If you are interested

Archeology and museums
Archaeologists, museum curators and researchers are starting to use 3D scanning to get a better view and capture ancient pieces.

Industries need to make sure their factories are producing perfect products, perfectly respecting the dimensions of the product blueprints. 3D scanners can be used to rapidly and efficiently take those measurements.


Hangzhou Blackbox 3D Technology Co., Ltd
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